Dental Savings Membership at Strive Dental Studio

Looking for the best way to save on your family's dental care without dental insurance? Strive Dental Studio understands it's not always easy to budget for your dental treatments. That's why we're proud to introduce our in-house dental membership plan, an exclusive savings program designed to help our uninsured patients save on their yearly dental treatments. Patients who select our membership plan can enjoy deep discounts on their preventive treatments and dental cleanings, plus savings on all other dental services!

Signing up is easy, and allows you to maintain your preventive dental appointments or periodontal therapy without straining your budget. Once you've enrolled in our membership plan, you'll enjoy preventive dental care (checkups, cleanings, and x-rays), discounts on additional treatment, and many other benefits. The dental savings plan is not dental insurance and is only valid here at our Waxhaw, NC dental office.

What is included in the Strive Dental Studio Membership?

The Strive Dental Studio dental membership includes the following annual benefits: 

  • Preventive dental cleanings 
  • Preventive dental exams 
  • Dental x-rays 
  • 1 emergency dental exam 
  • 15% off all additional dental treatments 

What Dental Savings Membership Options are Available? 

Strive Dental Studio offers the following membership levels: 

  • Adult Savings Plan - $399/year
  • Child Savings Plan - $329/year
  • Periodontal Savings Plan - $549/year

Need to add additional family members to your dental savings plan? Each additional family member will receive a 5% discount on their membership!  

Strive Dental Studio also accepts most major credit cards, personal checks, money orders and cash payments. 

Save On Your Family's Dental Care

Have questions about financing your dental treatment or periodontal care? Contact us today to learn more about joining our in-house savings program!  

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