Emergency Dentist Appointments in Waxhaw, NC

At Strive Dental Studio in Waxhaw, NC, we take your oral health seriously and understand that dental emergencies can happen to anyone. Whether you're a patient with a history of dental issues or have never had any problems, we are here to safeguard you from a long list of oral health conditions that could lead to more severe problems.

Dr. Naina Mahale and our team prioritize your healthiest smile, and we offer same-day emergency dentist appointments and early morning visits to meet your urgent care needs! If you suffer a dental injury or experience sudden tooth or mouth pain, our emergency dental care services are readily available to help you achieve prompt relief and comprehensive treatment. We offer emergency treatment to address urgent conditions like: 

Tooth Pain

patient getting an emergency dental procedure to help restore his smileDon't ignore persistent tooth pain that lasts over a day, as it could indicate a severe issue. Our emergency exams conducted by Dr. Mahale include a comprehensive consultation and high-tech digital x-rays for accurate and swift diagnosis. 

Damaged, Broken and Knocked-Out Teeth

Cracked or knocked-out teeth present more than cosmetic concerns. Left untreated, severe tooth damage can affect your overall health. Contact us right away for treatment from our emergency dentist if you or your child experiences a dental injury.

Broken Dental Restorations

Has your restoration become lost or broken? Our same-day dental crown restorations are available to restore your smile in a single visit. Call today for urgent care to replace your dental crown or filling! 

Dental Abscesses

Untreated infections can cause painful abscesses, leading to further dental issues if ignored. Dr. Mahale can assess and recommend root canal or tooth extraction during your emergency appointment to resolve the problem.

Emergency Dental Extractions

We perform tooth extractions to improve dental health, including impacted wisdom teeth, severe decay, and overcrowding. Most patients are suitable for extractions under local anesthetic or sedation. Follow aftercare instructions to avoid complications. Our office ensures convenience and safety for extractions.

Your Same-Day Emergency Dentist in Waxhaw, NC

Strive Dental Studio is your go-to for gentle, comprehensive urgent dental care when an emergency strikes. Contact us right away to come in for your same-day emergency care! 

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